KIA Grand Sedona

KIA Sedona

The KIA Sedona is a people-carrier built with purpose, and that purpose is safety, awareness and unparalleled driving comfort.

The 8-seater Sorento features a stylish exterior design to match any upmarket occasion, while its incredible spaciousness and the comfort of the interior make it the perfect vehicle for day-to-day utility. Stand-up second row seats make entering and exiting the rear easier than ever while ventilated and heated seats create an environment of luxury, making long trips go by in a flash.

A host of features specifically designed to allow the driver to maintain attention to the road and passengers to relax make the Sedona one of a kind. Sunshade blinds shield the sun in the second and third row, a conversation mirror lets the driver talk to the rear seat passengers without turning away from the road and anti-pollution seats allow for easy stain removal.

Add the intelligent spacial awareness monitors, electronic stability control, hill start assist and high performance damper and the Sedona is the top choice for safety as well as comfort.

Choose the car that makes you and your passengers a priority. Test drive the 2017 KIA Sedona today!