KIA K2700

Some vehicles are built to love labour. The K2700 comes ready to work hard for you. With its large bed, durable build and robust nature, the K2700 is ready for just about anything that might be thrown at it.

A 2.7 litre, 4-cylinder diesel engine drives the K2700 with a smooth 5-speed manual transmission. With performance to match the toughest task, the K2700 delivers robustness as well as economy. This workhorse expects to be ready every day.

A 2 810mm long deck and 1 630mm wide bed make for a bay to carry any cargo while the low side rails make loading and unloading simple at a height of just 733mm. Easy access is a must for a workhorse. The K2700 Tipper allows the bed to be lifted for easy unloading of cargo such as soil or stones.

The interior of the K2700 is spacious, comfortable and durable for a hardy makeup, inside and out. Practical cloth seats join 11 litres of storage space in the glove box and a drop-down multi-functional centre console to keep your work day convenient. Extra-thick cushions and three-step headrests keep the occupants comfortable throughout.

For a tough vehicle ready to grind for you there is no better option that the Kia K2700 workhorse. Test drive one today to see for yourself.