KIA K2500​

When the time comes for hard work, the KIA K2-series is on hand to make it happen. The K2500 makes use of its durability, utility and power to help you accomplish anything.

With a 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve turbo engine the K2500 boasts an impressive carrying capacity in its large bed. The 6-speed manual transmission allows for a smooth drive while you enjoy the improved fuel efficiency of the 2017 model.

An ergonomic handle with an inner spring make lowering the side panels easy while a covered rear gate chain adds life to the load system. The KIA K2500 is built to move cargo effectively and a folding-type stopper even lets you carry loads lengthier than the bed with ease.

The interior of the K2500 is just as smart and durable as its exterior. A spacious cabin features practical cloth seats, a glove box with 11 litres of storage space and a multi-functional centre console that folds down for added practicality. Three-step headrests keep you comfortable while an LED gauge cluster displays all of the important info you need to access while you drive.

The K2500 won’t let you down. With its proven safety, durability and performance, the new KIA K2500 is the perfect hard worker to add to your ranks.